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In the spirit of the place, the National Museum has launched a new series of blogs

Staff at the National Museum are inviting remote visitors for a virtual tour this month on MNM Blog, Facebook, and Instagram. The National Museum explained that ancient and modern methods of using space, preserving memory and place names or intending to rewrite or erase them, and recreate previous spaces with the help of digital technology arouse a lot of excitement. MTI on Wednesday.

With a special focus on the museum building and the museum garden in March, contemplation of the place also led museum scholars on a different intellectual adventure: the writings in the series revolve around the residence, the site, the loss, the monument, the place that was renamed, the hotspot / historical, Exhibition and workshop, outdoor and indoor, above and deep concept.

As the post indicates, the collections of the Hungarian National Museum are very colorful and complex;

In order to introduce the knowledge of this multidisciplinary community, the MNM blog defines a different concept each month: After the concepts of Body Stories, Soul Stories, Festive Schedule, Beginnings and Role Change, March posts will appear in Spirit of the Place at hu/blog interface.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, the National Museum also introduced a new virtual exhibition that explores representation and dress at the intersection of the Huns, Germans, Avars, the Carolingian Era, and the Age of Conquest. From everyday life and the world of beliefs.

Countryside for women? The exhibition was opened online at and the website can be visited.


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