In the spirit of the place, the National Museum has launched a new series of blogs

In the new blog series, museum staff explores the mysteries of Scythian architecture and the history of the Garden Museum.


Life appears in ceremonial and everyday places, unforgettable and unforgettable spaces in the writings of archaeologists, historians, art historians and restorers. In the new blog series of the Hungarian National Museum (MNM), The first posts from it The secrets of Scythian architecture and the history of the Garden Museum are explored.

Staff at the National Museum are inviting the still-far-off visitors on a virtual tour this month On the MNM BlogAnd the The social networking site Facebook– And the Instagramthe side. The ancient and modern ways of using space, the intention of preserving, rewriting or erasing memory and place names, to recreate past spaces with the help of digital technology raises a lot of excitement.

Starting in March, special emphasis will be placed on the museum building and Museum gardenHowever, when contemplating the venue, I convinced museum scholars of a different kind of intellectual adventure: the series’ writings revolve around dwelling, location, loss, memorial, renamed place, ancient / historical hotspot, store and workshop window, outside and inside, above And a deep concept.

In its publication, the museum asserts that the collections of the Hungarian National Museum are extremely colorful and complex, and that preserving, researching and displaying the diverse materials requires the work of hundreds of differently trained professionals: from archaeologists to numismatists to experts of different eras and species. To showcase the knowledge of this multidisciplinary community, the MNM blog defines a different concept each month: After the concepts of body stories, soul stories, festive schedule, beginnings, and role changes, the posts will appear in the spirit of the place in March. fIn the countryside.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, the National Museum also introduced a new virtual exhibition that explores representation and dress at the intersection of the Huns, Germans, Avars, the Carolingian Era, and the Age of Conquest. From everyday life and the world of beliefs. The Country of the woman? Opened an online exhibition entitled website Can be visited.

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