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In the round of 16, women table tennis players bid farewell to the European Team Championship

In the round of 16, women table tennis players bid farewell to the European Team Championship

The Hungarian women’s national team lost to the Slovakian national team with a score of 3-1 in the round of 16 of the European Table Tennis Championship in Malmö, ending its participation in the tournament.

Although Zoltan Batorvi’s side advanced from the first stage of the tournament as group leader and contender as group runner-up, based on the world rankings, the Hungarians were not the favorites for Thursday’s duel, and this was supported by the start.

Georgina Botha (85) lost easily to Barbora Balazova (71) in three sets, and Dora Madarasz (87) was only able to snatch the third game from her best opponent, Tatiana Kokolkova (58).

Thus, the task was waiting for the third player, Mercedes Nagyvardi (689), to keep the Hungarian’s hopes alive against Emma Labosova (189), and she did not disappoint. He had a close match with his opponent, but at the end of the sets he was more focused and managed to improve.

This was followed by the confrontation between Madaraš and Balazova, which also lasted for four matches, but in the end the Slovaks may be happy this time, as they will face the winner of the Franco-Austrian confrontation that will be held later in the quarter-finals on Friday.

The continent’s best teams from 24 to 24 qualified to compete in Sweden, and eight groups of three teams for both genders were formed, with the top two teams qualifying for the round of 16.

The tournament, which continues until Sunday, is the continental competition that qualifies the South Korean national team for the World Cup next February: those who qualify for the quarter-finals automatically, and the other four places go to the eighth-placed teams that will finish best. In the world rankings for October.

The winner of the European Championship in Malmö gets a share in the Paris Olympics.

Women’s round of 16:

Slovakia – Hungary 3-1
Barbora Balazova-Bota Georgina 3-0 (8, 5, 9)
Tatyana Kukulkova-Dora Madarasz 3-1 (12, 6, -7, 9)
Emma Labusova-Najivaradi Mercedez 1-3 (-7, 3, -7, -9)
Balazova-Madarash 3-1 (8, -7, 7, 5)

Round of 16:

Hungary-England 3-2
Adam Szode-Paul Drinkhall 3-0 (5, 10, 9)
Majorus Pence-Liam Pitchford 1-3 (9, -8, -6, -4)
Tamas Lakatos-Tom Jarvis 3-1 (8, 9, -6, 9)
Saudi Arabia – Pitchford 1-3 (9, -9, -6, -6)
Majoros-Drinkhall 3-2 (-9, 6, 9, -5, 7)

Cover Photo:
Munich, August 16, 2022. Dora Madarasz (b) and Georgina Botha during their match against Spain’s Maria Xiao and Romania’s Adina Mihaela Diaconu in the women’s doubles table tennis tournament of the round of 16 at the European Multisport Championships in Munich on August 16, 2022. . Solid MTI/Koszticsák

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