Az elmúlt 24 órában 772 ezer új fertőzöttet regisztráltak és elhunyt 13 ezer beteg a világon

In the past 24 hours, 772,000 new infections were recorded and 13,000 patients died worldwide

The infection is present in 192 countries and territories. Experts say the number of diagnosed cases does not accurately reflect the reality because the number of tests is somewhat limited in every country, and registration criteria also differ.

  • a According to official data The disease strikes the United States the most, with 32,68586 people infected and 581,511 deaths.
  • In India, 21,892,676 injuries and 238,270 deaths were recorded.
  • In Brazil, 151,458,79 people have been injured and 421,316 killed.
  • In France, 5829166 injured and 106,438 deaths were recorded.
  • 5,016,141 people have been registered in Turkey so far, with 42,746 deaths according to official figures.
  • In Russia, the number of confirmed injuries increased to 4816331, and the number of deaths rose to 111,097.
  • In the United Kingdom, there were 4,448,808 people infected and 127,863 people had died from the disease.
  • In Italy, there are 4,102,921 infected and 122,694 deaths.
  • In Spain, 3567,408 injuries and 78,792 deaths were recorded.
  • In Germany, 3520,392 were infected and 84,668 died.
  • In Argentina, there are 3,136,158 injured and 67,042 dead.
  • In Poland, there are 2829196 infected and 69,866 deaths.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic from Wuhan, China, according to MTI.

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