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‘In the end, we can pay 5,000 HUF for a damn ticket’ – Anger boils over Club Aliga

‘In the end, we can pay 5,000 HUF for a damn ticket’ – Anger boils over Club Aliga

At the extraordinary meeting of the representative body of Balatonvilleagos on Tuesday morning, the initiative to dissolve the body was voted on in the ratio of 4: 1 – informed Voice of the People.

The motion, which was also endorsed by the Aliga Bathing Association, an NGO fighting against the construction of Club Aliga, was put forward by three representatives, who believe the village chief, and three representatives representing the owner of the valuable property, rather than the residents.

In their justification, they indicated that they had received documents relating to the building permits related to Club Aliga Carole Takax The mayor did not inform the representatives in time, did not call an extraordinary meeting, as well as in connection with the court order on the possibility of entering into a lawsuit,

Therefore, in both cases, the council ran out of time for the decision, moreover, the 50 owners of the properties adjacent to Club Aliga were not notified of the case, and the village chief committed an illegal act.

Andras Bukowski According to the representative, vice-president of the AFE, holding the extraordinary meeting on Tuesday morning was also illegal, because according to the organizational and operational regulations, the official time is 5:30 in the afternoon, but the mayor directly convened the committee so that local residents and especially owners could not appear on it. Former protest holiday homes.

– was said several times by the scattered audience, but Mayor Takaks “didn’t bother” and said it was his prerogative to set the time for the meeting. Bukowski, on the other hand, did not vote on the agenda at first in protest, announced that he would contest the decision to be made, and then left the venue.

There are two options, we sue, we enter the house through the door, or we try to negotiate normally with this investor, to get the best out of the current situation.

– Try to explain the position of those who agree with the mayor later Representative vote against the solution.

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Anger begets anger, he said, “If we are angry with ourselves, we will only achieve it

In the end, we can pay five thousand HUF for a damn ticket. It’s also possible that the investor sells it back, and the new investor locks the whole thing out.

He added that anything can happen in this country right now, they pass a law overnight and that’s it.

After some fruitless discussions, the council decided to reject the dissolution initiative by a roll call vote. According to the newspaper’s coverage, there was no further outcome even if the AF Vice President remained in the vote, since due to the “impossible time”, one of the representatives who proposed the solution was busy at work and could not participate in the meeting, the 4:3 ratio being abandoned. Those who fight against the establishment of Club Aliga.

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