In the case of fifth place, Momentum does not expect Fekete-Győr to resign either

In the case of fifth place, Momentum does not expect Fekete-Győr to resign either

Although the Momentum chairman is likely to be fifth in the opposition primaries among the prime ministerial candidates, they don’t see the outcome as a party failure, and think it would have been a miracle if Andras had made Fekete-Győr to the second round – Telex writes.

In recent months, we have felt the beginning of tactical thinking on the part of voters. This is normal, as voters are looking for the best who can win the second round and defeat Urban in the end. “We didn’t come out of that role very well, and Andras sees that too,” said Miklos Hagnall, a party board member in Momentum’s waiting room. “Opposition voters also don’t want a 30-year-old candidate,” he said. Hajnal also noted that he believes Fekte Gyor should not resign, and said the real surprise is that Jobbik boss Peter Jakab may not make it to the second round.

“Fifth place is not good, but it was clear that the competition for the prime minister-designate is not in favor of the younger party,” said Anna Oroch, the party’s deputy chairwoman, who hopes Andras Fekete-Gyor’s results will improve. Count the votes cast online. The online pre-selection background was installed by a Momentum employee after the system closed for a day on the first weekend. Oroch, who said the main advantage of the party and Fekete-Gyr, was that many young people participated in pre-election and active politics.

(Featured photo: Gergeli Karacconi, Clara Dobrev, Peter Marche-Zay, Peter Jakab and Andras Feket-Gyor at the Prime Minister’s candidate debate at the RTL Klub studio on September 24, 2021, in Budapest Photo: András Dimény/

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