In Texas, LGBTQP lobby forced physical books back into bookstores – Szent Korona Radio

In recent years, there have been several cases in which perverted awareness books have been banned from bookstores in Texas. The LGBTQP lobby has lobbied the judiciary to return the diseased publications to the shelves under the pretext of democracy. This is another gem for those who believe there is no pressure for perverts.

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Books promoting deviance have been censored 713 times in 16 Texas school districts, which liberal advocates say is obscene. The American Library Association, which examines all public libraries in the state, recorded 1,269 attempts at censorship in 2022, which is another cause for concern that so many sick publications are being exposed to children. This issue also includes the intention to deny books that educate people of different races and immigration.

In April 2022, seven individuals sued local officials on constitutional grounds to remove books that some Llano County residents and Republican lawmakers deemed inappropriate. As a result, a Texas federal judge, under heavy pressure from the LGBTQP lobby, ordered 12 awareness books to be returned to the shelves within 24 hours.

In today’s order, Judge Robert Bateman not only ordered that the books in question be returned, but also ordered that no books be removed from local libraries until the lawsuit was concluded.

‘This is a victory for democracy’

said Eileen Leonida, the attorney representing the plaintiffs in the case. According to him, the government cannot tell citizens what they can and cannot read. Therefore, banning books that the authorities do not agree with is a direct assault on fundamental freedoms.

In line with these ideas, books dealing with any diseased and dangerous topic would be publicly released to the general public, especially if it relied on LGBTQP pressure and the authorities and leadership of the country to which they are subject.

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