In Sicily, you can dock an Ocean Viking lifeboat

In Sicily, you can dock an Ocean Viking lifeboat

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A French NGO called SOS Méditerranée, which was running the ship, said the Ocean Viking lifeboat, which recently welcomed 374 African refugees in the Mediterranean, had obtained a mooring permit from Italian authorities in the port of Augusta, Sicily. Sunday.

According to the non-governmental organization, a pregnant woman was already transported by air to the island of Lampedusa in southern Italy, leaving 373 migrants on board.

The crew traveled to Malta and Italy to obtain a mooring permit. The ship is expected to arrive in Sicily on Monday.

The majority of illegal immigrants set out from Black Africa – Guinea, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Mali – 131 of them were young unaccompanied adults.

Libya is a major transit country for immigration to Europe. The United Nations estimates that about 700,000 refugees live in the chaotic North African country, and most of them want to reach the European Union via Italy.

According to the Italian Ministry of the Interior, more than 34,000 migrants arrived in the country by sea in 2020, including Tunisians, Bangladeshis and Ivorians. (MTI)

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