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In short, they justified the harshest short circuit in New Zealand

For the first time in six months, a new coronavirus infection was detected in New Zealand, and austerity took place immediately. Jacinda Ardern’s government has announced a nationwide lockdown, even the strictest, of four degrees, when schools, offices and all non-vital businesses are closed.

“I would like to assure New Zealand that we have a plan ready for such a situation. Other times early and difficult measures have been successful,” the prime minister said.

The case was discovered in Auckland, and the patient now in national quarantine is a 58-year-old man who has been contagious since last Thursday and has been able to transmit the virus at 23 sites.

However, the national lockdown only lasts three days while the lockdown in Auckland lasts for 6 days.

Locals stormed supermarkets in the wake of the news. Put the question to the Prime Minister. Why do we need a strict lockdown? He replied with one word:


The disastrous wave caused by the delta variable in the neighborhood and its closure there convinced New Zealanders that hard work was better, especially since Cabinet said the new local condition was also caused by the rapid spread of the Delta tribe – which for the first time seemed to be the case. Arrive in New Zealand.

Despite the fact that some are wondering about the meaning of the amazing measure – especially since the country consists of two main islands and why should they be closed due to the discovery of an infection in one of them? The vast majority of the population supports the government.

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According to surveys conducted earlier this year, 80% believed that the government’s strategy on the Covid virus was correct. New Zealanders, referred to elsewhere as “kiwis,” had so much sense of humor that they once again tossed the NZhellhole, or New Zealand, infernal hashtag that makes a living on social media to their critics from abroad.

Michael Baker, a local epidemiologist and public health expert, said the Covid strategy “particularly worked for us.” He also listed the reason:

Very low mortality, a high-performing economy, and when people returned to their normal lives, they did so with minimal restrictions.

This was helped by strict border controls, which resulted in almost complete freedom for about a year: restaurants were crowded, music festivals were held and schools remained open all the time. Commentators noted that economic indicators, unemployment and standards of living were better than in Britain and the United States.

The two prime ministers noted that the current sudden cruelty was due to the management of the epidemic in Australia. In New South Wales, Australia’s most populous federal state, the number of active infections caused by the delta variant has jumped to 8,000. New Zealanders say they have learned from the slow reaction of their neighbours. Although there is an armed minority that rejects the lockdowns, the tough measures, regardless of ideology, have the support of both sides.

Opening photo: MTI/EPA/AAP/Ben McKay

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