In Romania, 788,000 people have been vaccinated, which is more than all infected people so far

In Romania, 788,000 people have been vaccinated, which is more than all infected people so far

In Romania, the number of people vaccinated against the Coronavirus on Saturday exceeded the number of infected people since the start of the outbreak.

So far, 788,000 people have been vaccinated so far, with more than 562,000 receiving the second booster dose, according to a Saturday Night summary by the National Coordinating Committee for the Vaccination Campaign. According to the strategic communications tribe, the infection has been detected in 777,000 people since the outbreak began, nearly 35,000 of whom are still ill.

In Romania, 33 to 38,000 people receive the vaccine per day, and the average number of newly diagnosed new infections is about 2,400 per day.

The number of people vaccinated – less than two months after the start of the vaccination campaign and nearly a year after the outbreak appeared in Romania – has now jumped above the number of known infections. In the country of twenty million people, the number of people who have become resistant to the Coronavirus through disease or through a vaccine to prevent the disease is already more than one and a half million, writes MTI.

In Romania, daily case numbers point to stagnation, and the spread of the epidemic has not slowed in recent months.

At the end of November of last year, the daily number of cases exceeded ten thousand again, and the average number of injuries for two weeks reached 8,500, and the number of known active cases was more than 120,000.

The reversal of the improving trend that began at that time is indicative of the fact that the number of active cases still recorded as infectious, which fell to a third by the end of January, did not decrease in February and continues to stagnate at around 35,000. Likewise, the decline in the number of deaths attributed to the epidemic stopped a month ago: while an average of 160 deaths per day reached 160 in early December, the average of the last two weeks fell to 80 cases per day by January 21, and the decline since then slowed to 70 per day. On Saturday, 57 patients died of coronavirus in Romania.

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