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In order to protect Hungarian jobs and the economy, the government has adopted new rules

In order to protect Hungarian jobs and the economy, the government has adopted new rules

In order to protect Hungarian families and jobs, the government has decided to increase the maximum number of guest worker residence permits and residence permits for work to 65,000 in 2024, and has also identified nearly 300 professions in which guest worker residence permits cannot be used in a third country citizen – the Ministry of National Economy said. to MTI on Thursday.

Thanks to the measures taken by the government, employment has increased by one million people since the Gjurcsány era, so more than 4.7 million people are working in Hungary, while the number of registered job seekers has fallen to a historic level, the announcement said.


The Hungarian workforce comes first, which is why Parliament has adopted a stricter immigration law than ever before. Temporary residence and work in Hungary can only be obtained for the purposes and legal basis determined by the Hungarian State, if the conditions are met, and also if the State decides to do so.

The government protects Hungarian families and Hungarian workplaces, therefore, according to the legislation, foreign workers can only be employed if vacant positions can no longer be filled with Hungarian workers.

They pointed out in the announcement that the number of workers from third countries who could be employed in Hungary at the same time had been regulated by a quota system for two decades, the theoretical maximum of which was the average number of vacancies for the previous four-quarters.

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According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics

The maximum value of the quota could reach 81,000 in 2024, however, taking into account the protection of Hungarian jobs, the government decided to set the upper limit of the quota at 65,000, which is much lower than the theoretical maximum in 2024.

The Ministry of National Economy confirms that the number of workers coming from third countries has never exceeded the maximum value in recent years, and only 39,000 permits were issued in 2023, and in all cases those concerned are subject to strict immigration control.

In order to protect the Hungarian workforce and Hungarian workplaces, the government has also created a negative list that identifies all jobs for which a guest worker residence permit cannot be issued.

According to the government decision, third-country nationals arriving with a residence permit for guest workers in the case of about 300 professions are excluded.

Examples of such jobs include: roofer, industrial alpine climber, tool maker, cultural organizer, paralegal, photographer, vine grower, and elevator mechanic. The list also ensures that guest workers cannot take work from Hungarians in one case, NGM reported.

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