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In October, Netflix will be full of great news

In October, Netflix will be full of great news

New month, new great news a NetflixI! This time, we noticed the sequel to the series the most, as well as the old favorites that will finally be available on the platform with us in October. So, for example, comes Seinfeld full 8 seasons Office. headquarters. center All nine seasons too – meaning the real great series classics you’ve missed so far, you can finally make up for it. And what are the sequences that we thought of? Wait, let’s say: he comes lock and key second, and Breeds Fourth, and as we expected more You are third season. Exactly what you can expect in our favorite killer couple’s new act, the Joe and Love story, we’ve gathered here before, as well as the wildest fan theories (which you can check out here) to check out the theory that came in the middle of the month.

It’s also time for nighttime shootings in October, which also facilitated this month’s Netflix show. For example, if you are a huge fan of Princess Diana, you should clearly put a piece of music about the Queen of Hearts on your list, which, in its noble simplicity, is: Diana: a musical. If you crave throat irritation, culpritWe don’t recommend it – especially if you have trouble imagining a better program than watching Jake Gyllenhaal alone for hours. He’s the only character in the movie who doesn’t just play with her voice: culprit A story set in a room about a police officer who becomes an emergency worker and must rescue a kidnapped woman. (If you’re listening anyway, be sure to give the original Danish version a chance, and only then compare it to the American treat.)

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You clicked squid game-Re? Then we have some good news: a lot of Korean productions will be uploading to Netflix this month, so if you’re looking for a new series, you’ll want to take a look here. But then comes a good little fact (A love is blind Brazilian version), the animated series (conspiracy company), Spanish soap operas and, Hanna Montana A reminder of Emily Osment, who played Lily on the Disney series that year (Appearances are deceptive sometimes).

You can see the full list of productions in October here:

In addition to novelties, it is also worth paying attention to the oldest:

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