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In nuclear energy, the United States seriously lags behind China

In nuclear energy, the United States seriously lags behind China

The United States is at least 15 years behind China in developing modern nuclear power plants thanks to heavy government support from Beijing, a report released Monday said.

China is rapidly building new nuclear reactors. Photography: AFP

China currently has 27 nuclear reactors under construction, and the average construction time is about seven years, which is much faster than other countries, the Washington-based independent newspaper reported. Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (Information Technology and Innovation Foundation) tanulmánya.

There are currently 55 operational nuclear reactors in the country with a total net capacity of 53.2 GW, but

A total of 150 new reactors are scheduled to be built between 2020 and 2023.

For the first time in the world, a fourth-generation reactor has already been put into operation: a high-temperature, gas-cooled reactor went into operation last December in Santong County, in Sidau Bay. According to the China Nuclear Energy Association, more than 2,200 “world-leading equipment” were developed as part of the project, and 93.4 percent of the materials used were produced domestically.

No new power plants are being built in the United States

According to the report, with the increasingly rapid construction of modern nuclear power plants, the Chinese are accumulating a great deal of knowledge and experience, and accordingly, Chinese companies are likely to gain a noticeable advantage in this sector in the world. future.

Shinhwa - Pictures of the year 2021 - Aerial photo
In China, they accumulate a lot of experience that gives them an advantage in terms of innovation for years / Photo: AFP

The United States currently has the largest number of nuclear reactors, 93, in 54 power plants, in 28 federal states, and the administration of President Joe Biden considers the almost emissions-free energy source a key to reducing climate change, he said in a call. With the news Reuters.

But no new reactors have been built in the country since two large plants in Georgia came online last year and this year, years behind schedule and billions of dollars over budget. The planned high-tech power plant was canceled last year.

Cheap Chinese credit

In China, state-owned banks are very cheap,

They offer loans at an interest rate of up to 1.4 percent

To build reactors, which is much better than the loans available in Western economies. Similar to renewable energy and electric cars, the nuclear energy sector also receives ongoing support from the state.

(EyesOnSci) China Sichuan-Chengdu Small Nuclear Reactor Team (CN)
China supports the construction of the reactor with cheap government loans / Photo: AFP

However, there are also serious problems, there is also a serious oversupply in the production of nuclear components, and “excessive competition” drives down prices and causes losses.

According to Stephen Eisele, author of the report, however, if the United States is serious about developing nuclear energy, it must develop a comprehensive national strategy, invest more money in research and development, search for promising technologies, and train a skilled workforce.

Although America is lagging behind, it is certainly capable of catching up technologically

– concluded Ezel.

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