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In Maros County, 1,819 young Hungarian students are expected to join the middle school class

In Maros County, 1,819 young Hungarian students are expected to join the middle school class

In Maros County, 1,819 young Hungarian students are expected to join the middle school class. There are 110 places available for German-speaking students and 22 places for Roma children.

The Maros County Education Inspectorate has published the registration plan for the 2024-2025 academic year. This shows that 101 Hungarian language preparatory classes have been started in the district, and a total of 1,819 places have been announced. Five classes were created for German children and one class for Roma children.

Veges County Supervisor Rica Maros A They chew He said that the number of classes and places are announced based on the region and the number of children. The number of children is basically unchanged compared to the previous year, and the data reported by kindergartens is taken as the basis for calculations.

You can apply for Hungarian language education in Marosvásárhely – with few exceptions – in classes of 22 people. Most of the places are in Kovisdombe School.

  • The class begins at the Lyceum School of Arts;
  • Szász Adalbert Sports School also has one;
  • At Boljai Farkas Theoretical High School, you can enroll in two preparatory classes, one of which is the Catholic section;
  • The chapter also begins at the correctional college;
  • A classroom has also been announced at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza School in the Egyesülé residential area, with 25 places available;
  • Dasia Secondary School in the Antal Nagy residential area of ​​Buda accepts 20 young students per class;
  • Doctor. A total of 44 places have been announced in two classrooms at György Bernady Primary School;
  • Only one class will start at Europe High School next year;
  • Friedrich Schiller, on the promenade of the Carpathians, also begins his semester;
  • George Queppock's school at Tudor will also have a preparatory class;
  • Most classes are advertised at Liviu Rebreanu High School in Kövesdomb; Considering the number of Hungarian children, there is room for a total of 75 young students in three classes;
  • The class begins at Mihai Vitesul High School;
  • Nicolae Bălcescu Secondary School in Szabadság utca also has one;
  • The class also starts at Primary School No. 7, and 25 people can enroll in this class;
  • Romulus Goga begins two terms, and 44 young students are expected to attend here;
  • At the Seraphim Doyko School, two classes start, each with 20 places;
  • The Hungarian language class will be run at the Teodor Vladimirescu School.

For the next academic year, 5 German language classes have been announced in the district, two of which will start in Maroswassarelli, two in Szegisvár, and one in Sázrign. A class for Roma children has been set up at the Romulus Goga School in Marosvasareli. There will be room for 22 children who attend the school.

In the first stage of school enrollment – between April 11 and May 14 – you can submit the required documents for enrollment with the secretariat of the chosen school. May 14-17 Between May 20 and 27, accepted applicants will be processed at an educational institution other than a district school. On May 28, the status of those children who were not accepted into the chosen educational institution due to lack of places, but whose parents requested that a place be reserved for them in the district school in this case, will also be regularized.

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