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In London, people who live in more than one apartment cannot meet each other inside

In London, people who live in more than one apartment cannot meet each other inside

This also applies to non-cohabiting family members.

According to the MTI report, the measure will see a high degree of preparedness from Saturday in the British capital, the largest and most populous city in Western Europe, with a population of 9 million. In the new three-stage preparedness system introduced in England this week, the intermediate level is the lowest, followed by the high score and then the very high score, with increasingly stringent restrictions. Liverpool and the wider area in the northwest of England already have very high standards.

The high standards of readiness required in London from Saturday include that people who live in more than one home may not hold gatherings indoors, including in each other’s homes and restaurants. This also applies to non-cohabiting family members who are unable to visit their separated relatives in their homes from Saturday. Up to six people, not under one roof, can stay in each other’s company at the same time, but restaurants must close at 10pm.

Sadiq KhanIn a statement on Thursday, the Labor Mayor of London endorsed the Conservative government’s action, saying that coronavirus infection “is spreading rapidly in every corner of the city” and amounts to hundreds of infections per 100,000 people in many areas. Khan had already indicated a few days ago that it was possible to reclassify London to an above average readiness level this week.

At Thursday’s city council session, the mayor said no one wanted more restrictions, but there was simply no other option. According to Sadiq Khan, a very short-term but very limited package of measures will also be needed across the country to break the accelerating dynamics of the pandemic.

Matt Hancock In a report this afternoon to the House of Commons on Thursday afternoon, the Minister of Health said that after the exponential curve across the United Kingdom, the rate of spread of the new Coronavirus infection is accelerating, and in London, the number of newly diagnosed infections will double every ten days. According to Hancock, there is currently an average of 97 infected people per 100,000 people in London, but that rate is also rising rapidly.

However, referring to the Mayor of London’s call for nationwide austerity measures, the minister reiterated that local control was at the core of the government’s strategy to curb the pandemic, especially given the uneven distribution of the infection across the country.

The Labor Party, the largest parliamentary opposition force, is demanding that the government continue to limit the spread of the coronavirus epidemic through protection measures nationwide. Boris Johnson However, the Conservative Prime Minister stated in several statements that the three-tier regional emergency system developed by the government was the appropriate way to control the pandemic.

Johnson has said repeatedly, most recently on the day of the House of Commons debate on Wednesday, that reinstating a full, indefinite, and nationwide lockdown similar to March would have dire consequences.

The British economy suffered badly from the lockdown ordered at the end of March, as Britain’s GDP fell 19.8 per cent in the second quarter of this year, at an unprecedented pace since the start of the quarterly measurements 65 years ago.

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In our featured image, Sadiq Khan. Photo: Victoria Jones / Ball / AFP

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