In Israel, Pfizer is offered as a third vaccine

In Israel, Pfizer is offered as a third vaccine

The prime minister announced Thursday night that those over 60 who have already been vaccinated will be offered the Pfizer vaccine as the third in Israel. guardian According to the report.

This will make Israel the first country in the world to use Pfizer extensively in booster vaccines.

Vaccines have been shown to be safe in practice. In practice, vaccines have also been shown to protect against serious morbidity and mortality. And just as the flu vaccine needs to be re-administered from time to time, this is the case too

He said Naftali Bennett.

In Israel, there has been an alarming increase in the number of infected people in recent days, which indicates that the effectiveness of vaccines will decline over time.

The third vaccine may be given to people who are over 60 years old and have been at least 5 months old since the second dose.

For the first time in the country Isaac Herzog The president will receive reinforcement.

Later, the possibility of taking the third vaccine will be extended to the entire population.

According to the Guardian article, there is currently no scientific evidence that a stimulant dose really helps, and if so, who should give it and when. On the other hand, Bennett said a government research team voted 56-1 in favor of the next phase of the vaccination plan, citing a serious analysis. It is said that it will be shared with the whole world soon.

In Israel, by the way, only the Pfizer vaccine has been used so far, so they could not offer much at the moment.

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By comparison, in Hungary they are over 60 years old They can’t take the same vaccine for a third, which they obtained for the first two times. Miklos Kasler Minister of Human Rights I have already explained thatThere is a growing consensus in the medical literature that a heterogeneous vaccine should be administered, that is, those who received an mRNA vaccine should subsequently receive a vaccine containing a vector-based or dead virus.

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