In Hungary, the Hungarian government was the first to legislate the 2050 climate neutrality goal

In Hungary, the Hungarian government was the first to legislate the 2050 climate neutrality goal

According to the National Clean Development Strategy, Hungary will achieve complete climate neutrality by 2050 without its implementation jeopardizing economic growth or prosperity. The ministry’s announcement reminds us that Hungary can start from a favorable position, as GDP has grown since 2000, while carbon dioxide emissions have fallen, and since 2010, the Hungarian economy has been able to produce a unit of GDP with a 24 percent lower greenhouse effect. . gas emissions.

Attila Steiner, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Policy, will be the keynote speaker at Portfolio’s Sustainable World conference next Tuesday, along with the European Commission’s Director for Climate Action. More details:

The communiqué stresses that it is of paramount importance for the government to ensure security of supply and a just transition while achieving climate neutrality, while supporting further economic development. In addition, an important goal is to ensure that the largest polluters bear the most costs and that the transition does not increase overall household costs.

Maintaining nuclear capacity, increasing the use of renewable energy, improving energy efficiency and greening transportation are essential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector. Both scenarios examined in the Clean Development Strategy, which will achieve climate neutrality by 2050, show that the benefits of decarbonizing the economy outweigh the costs of investment. Thus, with appropriate training and retraining programmes, the Hungarian economy can benefit from the transition to climate neutrality – concludes the statement.

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