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In honor of Diablo 4, a portal to Hell is opening in Australia
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In honor of Diablo 4, a portal to Hell is opening in Australia

  • The game is available from today
  • It is celebrated in a special way in Sydney
  • The sect congregates in several places

the Diablo 4 It was released worldwide today and Blizzard is celebrating the global release in a rather fun way. It does not appear often Diablo is a brand new major installment of the franchise, so it was almost certain that Blizzard would be planning some unique promotions around the event. Living in Sydney Diablo 4 Fans should just walk around the city with their eyes open, because the gates to hell can appear in completely random places. More such events are expected, but one event has already been announced: in Circular Quay, above Mary’s Underground, in the evening hours, Lilith herself and a group of her followers will appear, who will try to open such a passage.

Special red lights, satanic chants and other scenes of hell await those who have strayed, but it is believed that the majority are actually paying Diablo 4, which received a lot of positive reviews around the world. the Diablo 4 Available today for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Have you already bought it, or plan to buy it? And if the gate really opened, where would you hide?

Blizzard has scored some special goals in recent years, but with Diablo 4 they can fix everything. If you are interested in Diablo 4, you will find the Console world Available on offer.

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