In Germany, charges were brought against the secretary of the Stutthof concentration camp

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From April 1943 to August 1945, the German Prosecutor’s Office indicted an indictment against a 95-year-old woman who was the secretary of the Commander of the Stutthof concentration camp in northern Poland, near Gdask, for complicity in tens of thousands of murders and attempts. Murders. It was the first concentration camp outside Germany, where an estimated over 60,000 people died.

Prosecutors have been investigating for five years, and victims have also been interviewed in the United States and Israel. If the request is upheld, then Irmgrad F.’s case will be heard in juvenile court because he was under 21 years old at the time of the events. For this reason, his punishment will likely be less severe.

Entrance to Stutthof concentration camp, 2008.Photo: Philip B. Egley / Wikimedia Commons – CC BY 3.0

According to the lawyer who represents the victims, this is a milestone in the history of justice, as it is one of the bureaucratic wheels that coordinate destruction. The prosecution said the woman admitted that she was aware of some of the murders, but said she did not know how many people were killed in the gas chambers. He said his office window looked outside the camp to get as little information as possible.

a Cited in the New York Times British historian Rachel Century said that most of the trustees like Irmgrad F. They were aware of the persecution of Jews, and some of them knew of the murders. But not everyone starts out equally.

The former secretary said last year that she was questioned as a witness in 1957 at the trial of a camp commander. Paul Werner Hoppe managed to leave prison in the 1960s and died in 1974.

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