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In Firewatch in Daedalic – Magin, Potion Tycoon, Wonderful, Reveil

In Firewatch in Daedalic – Magin, Potion Tycoon, Wonderful, Reveil

We spent a full day in Hamburg at Daedalic HQ experiencing over five upcoming video games!

It can be said that the relationship with the German publisher is exceptionally good, as we not only meet them regularly at Gamescom, but also visit the team in Hamburg if the occasion calls. Moreover, when there was still a printed magazine, many of their performances were included in our complete games, starting with Shadow Tacticsfrom all the way to GarbageArrives So back in Hamburg – I said yes without thinking, when my PR person approached me that if we wanted someone could go to the studio to see the games that were being created and try them out. This invitation was special only because the so-called Daedalian Days were held for the last time in 2019 due to the coronavirus epidemic, that is, they were out of everyone’s life for three years. However, there is something to talk about, something to experience, after all, the company produces more than 50 games, of which 37 are completely their own, or there are plenty to choose from, while the main focus is on storytelling, as always (adventure games and their counterparts), but also strategies, party games and other developments will also have their interest. And although it’s all about consoles, now I’ve been able to try more than five video games that will be released later, of course on PC.

Make a potion and create the world

What you probably spent the least amount of time on is a Potion dealer Kahn, from Finnish Snowhound Games (Abandoned Deep Sky). Well, not because it’s too bad, in fact, it’s just not my style, so I didn’t feel the need to indulge in it. The Boss Simulation, which will be completed by 2024, is available on Steam as of today in early access. Of course, our goal is to make our potion shop as successful and large as possible, which requires buying many materials, preparing potions, and evolving. Sources of inspiration include Two Point Hospitalthe factory And that Oxygen not included Also, then, based on the beta, the Finn game shouldn’t be ashamed either. As the effects stand out beautifully, so while we run our own shop, there is deep, deeply interesting content behind the cute, colorful, and beautifully drawn exterior. We collect ingredients and recipes, prepare orders, hire staff, but we can also use good marketing solutions (discounted deliveries and rest), in addition to research and development, it is very important to maintain our reputation, to outperform the competition or its competitors. It’s already a particularly fun and interesting game, which we hope will improve and change in your favor during Early Access.

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It’s a more relaxed finger exercise that leaves the story and everything else up to the player wandering, which is a small creation of the two-person game Tiny Roar, which is an episodic “strategy” or rather a logical game in which each person writes his own story and adventure. There is no specific story, in fact, from the starting point, through the placement of each building or structure, we open up more and shape the world around us, making wandering It actually works like a puzzle game. The field opens up a very large area, while in the city we get an additional chance, and you can also get to the heights using the stairs. The seasons change, the lights come on at night, and the whole thing has a very relaxed and fun atmosphere. The game, also starting in early access, relies heavily on the community, and their respective worlds will also be available, while the Switch port will also be on the list (it will give itself). The visuals are cute and fun, as is the game… I only have two problems: one is that without a story, I’m afraid this concept runs out of steam quickly because there’s no serious motivation behind it; The other is that I often consider this idea to be laziness and lack of inspiration, as there is no real intention behind building the real world, and in most cases this leaves its mark on the end result as well. But let’s hope that only bad experiences speak for me, because A.S wandering However, even with all of its initial flaws, it’s charming and fits perfectly with its title.

Not all heroes wear capes

At least that’s what they used to say, but in the game that the Spanish Spitfire is made, or capesThere are definitely too many hidden characters, as the title suggests. You are the capes It’s a tactical action game that basically succeeds at just that XCOM-School, in addition to one of the most pleasant surprises at the end of last year, which can be somewhat paralleled, of course, Midnight from Marvel, with the difference that the strategy here is based not on cards, but on strategic abilities, as usual in the fight against UFOs. There is also a small story twist, because this time we will not prevent something, but rather fix it: in the dystopian future, super-villains triumphed, heroes were subdued and vanished, while the use of all special abilities was forbidden. . However, a new generation of people with superpowers has arisen, who will unite together to overthrow the oppressive power. In keeping with the theme, we get comic book transitions, while the heroes are really different from each other, everyone has different abilities, you have to find synergy between them, and it’s even worth staying close to each other, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the attacks. The action points seemed a bit low at first, but the missions still aren’t impossible, and what’s more problematic is the lack of music at all, while the game didn’t really stand out for anything. So far, I haven’t gotten to feel the real character, but that may change later, since the test version had a very early build character. Superheroes and comics, and that XCOMStyle fans should keep an eye on the game, because it can be anything.

We can experience a slightly different type of tournament made with the Unity engine Majin: Rat Project Stories During this game, the Polish The Rat Project, in which the adventure game genre is mixed with card game strategy, serious decisions that can radically change the story, thus bringing out 12 different endings. The story shows a medieval fantasy setting, where magic users hide their knowledge or can go to the ballet, while the story is told in comic panels, accompanied by full voice acting, which is pretty good. The gameplay is basically such that, as events unfold, we make a lot of decisions (even about what to do for breakfast), and then depending on these, we can choose between the cards on offer, while they belong to the dark or light side. . The affiliation of the characters is not determined by this, as no one becomes a bad character just because they mainly use the cards of the dark side, rather the answer lies in our decisions. very style The Witcheres, the character itself is somewhat similar to Geralt, as are the city and clothing, but the similarities pretty much stop there, eg. We enter a dungeon, where we choose where and how far to go, while regularly meeting opponents, with whom the adventure turns into a card action. Here, the damage was too dull and flat, but the developers answered my question and reassured me that this part would be more dynamic and varied in the final version. You are the Charm Otherwise, it’s more than promising, it was my favorite in the lineup, and it also stood out from other games in terms of quality, be it jokes, characters, or even gameplay.

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Thoughtful dread

Another one in the Unity Drive line, in German Pixelsplit (interior lands) is in progress revelwhich actually belongs to a completely different genre, while clearly taking inspiration from horror games like walking simulator Layers of fear and the The monster is insideand maybe even PT It can also be cited as a source of inspiration. During the adventure, we take a trip into the mind of Walter Thompson and shed light on the dark past of the Nelson Bros. Circus, while mainly solving puzzles of logic (and skill), from a very large scale. While not everything is immediately obvious, I didn’t come across any far-fetched puzzle elements, and the game itself is delightfully surreal, which particularly improves Layers of fearThe feeling — without the Victorian era, of course, though we’re wandering into the past in this game, too. However, it is precisely because of this that the environment we find ourselves in can be familiar or unfamiliar, since the typical Funhouse and Ghost Train contain many elements that may be familiar from the previous local amusement park. But I also came across old arcade machines where obstacles had to be avoided, and indeed BattletoadsDespite my past, I had to tie my pants. If it was the pants, I couldn’t scare him, though I didn’t experience any horror elements in the beta. Regardless, based on the answers to my questions, in addition to stealth, we’ll also have a chance of escaping, in at least two cases, and we’ll also get at least two possible plot closures. And although I did not receive accurate data in this regard, the developer also disclosed to my question that there was some research on the subject, or that it was not entirely unknown in the depths of psychology and the special mystery of the human brain. We are also looking forward to this, as it promises to be fun.

So these were the games I was able to try, and none of them really disappointed me, even if a few turned out to be great. Oh, how did I say at the beginning that I tried more than five games? Well, it’s not a bug, it’s not a hoax, because I can only detect the sixth bug when the ban ends, on the 23rd. But I will return, as I did from Hamburg, to report on the games.

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