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In End Game of the Legs, the Challengers are left below, so they must send out the competitors in a duel!

In End Game of the Legs, the Challengers are left below, so they must send out the competitors in a duel!

In End Game of the Legs, the heroes and challengers compete, but only one team can win!

Janka Tooth made it clear on the morning of the endgame that after her slight discomfort, she had her head straight and she would be motivated and confident again. Challengers sleep together in camp until you hear everything about each other. In the middle of the night, Pino Szabo heard strange noises. An unexpected guest arrived at the Champions on the morning of the end of the game. His arrival received a huge cry! This morning the hero spoke about who he feels how. However, Krisztián Somhegyi explained that his pain was stronger again.

Richárd Balogh and Bálint Herczeg-Kis make it clear that the Challenge Team must be on fire again, otherwise it could be a bigger problem soon …

The hero boys devised their tactics against competitors in a discussion. They explained that the loss of the Great Danny had definitely brought a huge advantage to the Reds.

Victor Kovari feels that he is seeing more and more flames in the eyes of his team, so he is sure that a duel with a tough girl will not happen.

According to Francisco Szabo, the Champion’s squad has been shaken a lot lately so she hopes that there won’t be a problem today.

The day of the end game is here again! Matte Bourse and Ballint Hirschig Kiss were the first to start the starting line.

Challengers scored the first point against the Champions at the end of the game for Máté Bors’ biggest surprise.

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Unbeknownst to fear, the girls threw themselves into the fight! Which one pulls the point? Pino and Christian fought at the end of the game without fear! Girls are less familiar with the tracks than other players, however, this is not reflected in their performance at all. They imposed a crazy pace! Challengers lead two points, so will Ákos take the point and outline the mission?

The girls competed in a huge battle! Which one pulls the point? Challengers lead by two points, but they are not done yet! Will Danny bring points for the champions? Girls dictate the crazy pace on the field! Will you attract the violet color and draw the heroes?

The stakes are high! Ákos and Benő started the race in full force! Ákos and Benő both fell ahead of him on the field with incredible momentum, but which one copes better with obstacles?

Amazons put all their power on the field! Which one pulls the point? The competition is getting more intense, and the competitors are heading head-to-head. There is no doubt that the heroes and the challengers are desperate for victory!

There is more and more pressure on competitors as the game nears its end! Would Francie or Levi do better under stress? Tied with Francesca Szabo on the final day. The red contestant couldn’t control his emotional content after his success.

Francesca Szabo collapsed after her race due to the immense pressure on her. The hero does not know exactly what is happening in him, he has completely broken down spiritually.

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There is a tie between the heroes and the challengers! Will the champions or competitors take the lead?

Janka and Dorotia didn’t hesitate for a minute, they ran faster than ever! Janka Tooth severely hit her head while racing. The hero could not even remember the events accurately after the doctor was seriously injured.

Matthew and Richard compared their knowledge in a colossal struggle. Who won the race? Leela and Anna were at the starting line! One point is the difference and the stakes are big! Teams compete head-to-head at the end of the game, but only one can win. Will palint or matte draw the point? All the heroes need is 1 point and win the final match! Will you pull the night the crucial point? Leela and Dortia have started over again! The stakes are higher than ever, but which girl gets the point?

Blue sent Dorotia and Ballint into the decisive relay race, while the Reds sent Night and Matte into battle. Who will win the battle? In a sudden death race, during a grueling battle, the heroes were able to outrun the Challengers. Francesca Szabo’s injury is more serious than the champion anticipated after the race. Laszlo asked the red competitor about his condition. László Palik has partnered with the blues who will be commissioner of tomorrow’s Duel. László Palik is involved with the teams from the Challenger who will be responsible for choosing Duel’s opponent. Despite the defeat, Anna Koenig was immeasurably proud of her team and kept smiling.

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The Challengers met after the end of the losing match to discuss the day’s events. While Dorottya Buzás was crying, Anna Kőnig tried to motivate the team. Dorottya Buzás has apologized to her team for poor performance at the last minute and at a significant moment. Lívia Török feels she was justified in sending her to Duel, as she was the poorest performer. Several members of the hero team are injured, and Francesca Szabo and Janka Toth both feel bad at the end of the day. Ákos Szarka made it clear that he was still not satisfied with his performance, practically how many on his own. But hero girls don’t feel that way … The cheer issue has resurfaced among Exatlon Hungary heroes. Many say more enthusiasm would suit the team … Richard Balogh tried to help his colleague Victor Coffari with a few words of encouragement. The Challenger was disappointed after the defeat. Francesca Szabo was taken to hospital to investigate her injury. His colleagues are very worried about him and are confident that everything will be fine. Dorottya Buzás tried to help Bálint Herceg-Kis pick Duel’s opponent. However, the Challenger does not have an easy decision-making task. “Maybe I should thank you …” Francesca Szabo explained to the cameras after returning home from the hospital.

Age limit: regardless of the permissible age

January 21, 2021, 11:17 pm

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