In Britain, all British adults will be vaccinated by the end of July

2021.02.21. 10 o’clock

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday that the new goal of the British government is to vaccinate the entire adult British population against the Coronavirus by the end of July.

The first goal of the UK vaccination campaign, which began on December 8, was to provide at least the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccination to all members of the most vulnerable populations on the vaccination schedule priority list by February 15.

This goal was achieved the day before the deadline, last Sunday.

The UK government’s next goal is to vaccinate all members of all priority risk groups – that is, the entire British population over the age of 50 – by the end of April.

The post-April schedule originally set a deadline for September to vaccinate the entire adult population in the UK, but Johnson said in a statement on Sunday. The British government has introduced this target date to the end of July.
The British Prime Minister said:

Meeting the first deadline is a huge achievement, but the momentum is no longer slowing down, and the goal is to accelerate the vaccination program even more in the coming weeks.

To this end, the British government has now set a goal of vaccinating the entire adult population in the country by the end of July to protect the most vulnerable even sooner and take further steps to ease restrictions to curb the epidemic, he said. Downing Street in a statement to the British Prime Minister.

According to recent figures released by the British Department of Health, more than 2 million people have been vaccinated since reaching the 15 million vaccination goal a week ago.
According to a report by the ministry on Saturday night, 17247442 have so far received the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine in Britain, and the second dose has been given to 604,885 people.

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But Boris Johnson stressed that in a statement on Sunday

The path to exit from the current pandemic waiting list can only be started with caution and a gradual pace.

The British Prime Minister is set to present an expected timetable for easing restrictions in the House of Commons in London on Monday.

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