In Belgium, half of all newborns come from immigrant parents

In Belgium, half of all newborns come from immigrant parents

Statistics show that one-fifth of the population are immigrants or of foreign origin, and more than half of the children born in Belgium in 2020 are Belgian mothers, according to the Belgian statistics agency Statbel, V4NA reports.

Statbel’s office highlights an impressive rate, the report shows it In 2020, nearly half of all children born in Belgium, or exactly 48 percent, were born to mothers of foreign or immigrant backgrounds.

Belgian children in BrusselsSource: Belgium via AFP / Hadrian Dore

The latter was higher, as statistics also show that approximately 23% of newborns were born to Belgian mothers and about 25% to mothers of foreign nationalities.

A paper called RTBF also reports the data Highlightswho – which Non-Belgian women living in Belgium have higher fertility rates. Last year, the average number of children per woman was 1.54, but this percentage varies depending on the mother’s nationality and origin. The figures show that while women of Belgian origin and nationality gave birth to an average of only 1.38 children, the proportion of Belgian citizens of foreign origin was 1.58. Women with a foreign nationality were the most fertile in Belgium in 2020, averaging 2.05 children last year. The article also states that the statistics measured in 2020, which show that a woman gave birth to an average of 1.54 children, is a relatively low figure for the entire population.

Source: v4na

According to statistics, there are also significant differences in the age of women of childbearing age. While non-Belgian women are more likely to be represented in the 25-35 age group with the highest fertility rates, Belgian women born in Belgium or of foreign origin are more likely to be represented in the older or younger age group, i.e. in that age group Much lower fertility.

The article also shows that In 2020, women of foreign nationality in Belgium accounted for 16.5 percent of women of childbearing age and 24.9 percent of deliveries were due to them.

Source: v4na

The data was also reported on According to your information Belgium also has a large proportion of the population, with Belgians accounting for 67.3% of the population, while Belgians of foreign origin make up 20.1 percent and foreigners 12.6 percent. The last two categories, i.e. 20.3 percent of foreign nationals and foreigners living in Belgium, come from a neighboring country, including the United Kingdom, and 28.1 percent from another EU member state, while more than half, 51,7 in The cent comes from the rest of the world, they are usually third world immigrants.

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