In another big city, Szekszárd, the left has also lost its majority

In another big city, Szekszárd, the left has also lost its majority

On her societal side, Szexzard’s representative Rita Zajac announced in the dialogue that she had had enough of dirty political battles, so she was leaving the Elikin Zigzard faction. Thus the left lost its majority in the House of Representatives.

“I have made the toughest decision in my public life so far. I left the Live Szekszárd faction, and in the future I will work as an independent municipality representative for Szekszárd, for the people who live here.” – His decision was explained by the left-wing politician who promised that he would continue to do his work with honesty, honor, hearts and souls.

He didn’t mention the reason for his decision in detail, he just wrote that down He is tired of “dirty political battles” and feels he can be a more helpful citizen of the city with this decision. “I want to build, work until Shekszard is a much better place than it is now.” pointed out Rita Zagak At the end of his post.

Several of his political allies have commented on his departure. Gabor Bomba According to the mayor of Szexzard, “history repeats itself, unfortunately.” Rita Zagac had already betrayed the people of Sziekzard when she left the party that nominated her, from which she was included in the list, while retaining her mandate.It was formulated An angry left-wing politician. Then he added threateningly that the responsibility of the dialogue was to see if it would hold out in its ranks after that. His writing also revealed that his party is unlikely to support his candidacy before the election.

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Tamas Ellis The Szekszárd actor saw what happened as the biggest disappointment of his life. “Exploring internal affairs is not elegant, but we have no other choice, because it has let down a (opposition) set of values ​​that we need to protect.Th Books Facebook page Politician.

With the resignation of Rita Zagak, the Éljen Szekszárd faction lost its majority in the representative body. Thus, in addition to Szolnok, Göd, and several settlements, Szekszárd’s cooperation strategy did not come as well.

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