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In America, opportunities for Chinese economic regulation are already being ignored
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In America, opportunities for Chinese economic regulation are already being ignored

China has long punished its political opponents with economic sanctions. Although Norwegian salmon is a popular dish in the country, Beijing has twice been harsh on Norway when it backed the Nobel Peace Prize for opposition activists. But Australian winemakers have also had a taste of Beijing’s harsh sanctions. One country doesn’t stand much of a chance against China, but according to a recent study, if the United States and its allies acted together, they could keep Beijing short.

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China is at least 70 percent dependent on more than 400 imported goods from the United States and allied countries, worth about $47 billion a year.

Cha, an analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

The product range ranges from luxury goods to raw materials for major Chinese industries.

According to the analysis, China imports almost entirely from Japan, the United States and South Korea

Silver dust is essential for solar cells.

Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom account for 86 percent of China’s imports of nickel powder and nickel foil used in batteries. China imports nearly two-thirds of the sorghum grains from the United States, which are used in traditional Chinese drinks.

According to the analysis, Beijing is building on that

Countries can scare away individually, because there won’t be a collective response anyway.

Japan has the most elements based on the elements with 124 items, followed by the United States with 87 items, Germany with 64 items, South Korea with 28 items, and France with 27 items.

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