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In a video, we present to you how the third season of Vagak went

In a video, we present to you how the third season of Vagak went

As almost every fan knows by now (of course those who didn’t come out immediately after the first season), Netflix unfortunately has butter It didn’t achieve that feat in its third season either, so the adaptation has bled this time around too – though thankfully not in all respects. Since we did a written review of the first and second seasons of the season, we’ve focused more in our latest motion picture material on comparing the new phase to the novel that served as the base material, so It’s time for contempt With scale – of course without the need for completeness, since here Andrzej Sapkowski’s story already moves quite a few characters. Because of its subject matter, the video contains a lot of spoilers, so just hit the play button if you’ve already watched the third chapter or read the Polish author’s novel series.

Incidentally, the first half of Season 3 was still quite adequate as described, with specific events and dialogue brought to life on screen, instead the tape began to shake through the remaining three episodes, only to have the whole thing completely fall apart in the end. Unsurprisingly, Henry Cavill’s farewell caused a terrible stomach ache, because although the presenter had previously promised that we could expect a heroic farewell, the actor’s final scenes were only spectacular at most, but by no means exhilarating. . Viewers felt this too, as even the better parts (eg Ciri’s torture in the desert was boring to some, it mimicked the events of the book so well, not to mention it was such an essential character development class) didn’t escape the popular outrage, and starting with Season 4, it’s likely that There would be review bombing against the series even if the provider ordered a fifth season, we wouldn’t believe it would happen. Of course, this is still the music of the future, for now let’s just grieve that we managed to waste such a great fictional universe in this way, sacrificing it on the altar of progressive thinking.

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