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In a small British town, a robot takes morning milk to the residents

In a small British town, a robot takes morning milk to the residents

Starship Technologies is also being tested in a small British town, where small robots are now serving breakfast milk to residents to reduce early traffic, reduce shopping and of course save energy.

As part of a collaboration between Co-op, Starship Technologies and the local administration, robots for 12,000 Camborne residents will transport ordered goods from the local supermarket. According to the company that makes the robots Medium transmission uses the same amount of energy as a kettle to boil a cup of water.

Estonia-based Starship Technologies has been using its tiny robots around the world for more than half a decade, with the American startup working first on college campuses and then heading to small towns with service, in most places welcoming small, rushing robots. In the UK, Northampton and Milton Keynes already use small structures.

Where is the current? project It will also be successful, with Starship planning to expand throughout the province and negotiate with more suppliers. The company emphasized that the robots use carbon-free electricity and do not need a driver in the short term – they travel at a speed of about 6 km / h. A combination of sensors and artificial intelligence is used for transmission.

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