In a revealing video, Meghan Markle turns out to be a shocking thing

In a revealing video, Meghan Markle turns out to be a shocking thing

Body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas, who lives in the Czech Republic, regularly analyzes the behavior of members of the British royal family on YouTube channel The Body Language Guy. the The video sharing site now has over 285,000 subscribers, he enjoys making videos for Prince William and Princess Catherine, but the biggest viewer is too Meganroll It was produced by a few minutes of analysis.

He is now analyzing a recording made in 2018 of Meghan, Prince Harry and the mother of Princess Doria. A presentation of the Princess’ charity cookbook has been made at Kensington Palace to help members of the Hubb Community Kitchen in West London. Chatting with the invited guests at the event, Megan was about to say something, but her mother, who was by her side, interrupted her, perhaps unintentionally, and the princess immediately turned to her, and for a moment. He looked at Doria angrily.

Rosas explained in the video, that Megan, when her mother interrupted her, immediately became nervous, as evidenced by the fact that her hands became stiff. His fingers bent slightly, and the expert said it was a sign that he was trying to relieve the tension inside.

Changes are also visible on his face, he immediately opened his eyes further, pushing his jaw forward, the latter being characteristic of the behavior of angry people. He also pursed his lips, a sign of frustration. The expert was shocked to behave this way with his mother.

It’s no secret that Megan loves to be the center of attention, in which case it’s almost intimidating to see that even Doria can’t express her thoughts without eliciting reactions from her daughter. Rosas said.

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