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In a matter of days, Highrise City will leave its initial version

In a matter of days, Highrise City will leave its initial version

Although this type of city building manager game is one in which there have been monopolies for many years, claimants to the throne appear regularly here as well. One of them is Forexo Entertainment It’s being produced at his studio and has been in early access for a good year and a half High rise city also.

In it, players are given the usual task: building a city. Well, so far there is nothing extra, except that the developers have added something else to the recipe: the money tycoon factor! And here, in addition to building a city and leveling its infrastructure, we have another very important task: we must also take care of its economic functions.

In effect, this means that in addition to building and expanding, players must also build economic operations based on resources, logistics, and production. On the maps, you need to expand and create different industrial locations in a way that matches the natural resources.

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Highrise City Early Access Test Tour - City building is a little different

Highrise City Early Access Test Tour – City building is a little different

It’ll be hard to say if it can unseat Cities: Skylines, but it’s certainly one of the biggest contenders. Because approx. the only.

It is not necessary to build a logging camp in the wilderness, it should be near a forest. From there, the transport company has to transport the treated lumber to the appropriate mills, where it can then be used to produce various products. There are more than fifty different natural resources and raw materials in the game, so there will be plenty of them on which to build the growth of our city.

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So the early version of Highrise City has been around for quite some time on the steam, where you can also try the trial version. But the game is not far from leaving early access, to be exact, it will do so next Monday 4 September, accompanied by a big update.

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