In 2021, HCLU will continue to search for freer Hungarians!

In 2021, HCLU will continue to search for freer Hungarians!

The Liberties Association (HCLU) is looking for the most free people in Hungary – again this year, the free prize will be given to those who set an example so that we can all live in a more free and equal country. On their website, anyone can nominate for the award those who work for change on a daily basis.

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“The past twelve months have exhausted us all, and our reserves have run out. In such cases, it is especially difficult to pay attention to each other, although in the extraordinary year of 2020, a lot of work has been done to make Hungary a more free and fair place. We are looking now. About their stories so we can draw strength from them.Stefania Capronczy, Managing Director of HCLU, said we hope the celebration of idealized people brings some hope in these difficult weeks.The free prize was launched by HCLU in 2019 to honor all those who are not in the spotlight In everyday life, however, they work for our common affairs and to make other people’s lives better in addition to their daily tasks.

Anyone can bring these people to the HCLU website, and nominate them for a free award with justification. Among them, a professional jury will select ten candidates whose history will be shared with a wider audience and will be the finalists for the public vote.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the second free online award ceremony had to be held in 2020, but this does not diminish the importance of the candidates and winners’ actions. The professional jury prize was awarded to Bernadette Uruch, who stood in public after his brutal abuse, as well as speaking on behalf of his comrades. The Audience Award went to Márton Gulyás and the Partizán team, who are doing the job of public media, who have lost their job, with their high-quality programs – created with the support of their audience, and created from scratch. Kovácsné Dr. Kovácsné special prize for BOOKr Kids. The fourth from Hejőkeresztr gave it to Emese Nagy. Principal of Bella Primary School, which runs an integration program in which disadvantaged children effectively study with their well-to-do peers.

While the past year has been challenging, we are sure there are those who have stood out like regular heroes even in the midst of challenges. “We want to get to know as many of them as possible, and we also hope that with the coronavirus epidemic being curbed, we can celebrate them in person at the real awards ceremony this year,” said Stefania Kapronkzai.

This year’s nominations can be nominated for the free prize until April 26:

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