Important Change Coming to Google Drive for Desktop

Important Change Coming to Google Drive for Desktop

In 2017, Google split Drive cloud storage syncing features into two separate desktop apps. While regular users can use Backup and Sync, business customers can use Drive File Stream to back up their files.

From July 19, the system will be more visible: the search giant announceThat Drive File Stream would simply be called “Desktop Google Drive”. The company said that it will standardize its sync client and make certain features of Backup and Sync app in Google Drive desktop for a better user experience.

Google Drive desktop will combine the best and most popular features of Drive File Stream, Backup and Sync. This gives all users who use Drive for business or personal purposes access to a powerful, unified sync client

– Read by Google the side.

From October 1, Backup and Sync won’t work, but once users are able to use Desktop Drive, the search company will send a notification. According to the information, files stored at any level will not be affected by the change, it is just an update of Backup & Sync tool and Drive File Stream.

Information about upcoming changes is already available in Hungarian readable, along with a detailed job list.

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