Immigrant invasion threatens UK despite border closures

Despite the short circuit, a record number of immigrants arrived in the UK. Although the numbers are estimated to be pieces of real data, British regulations currently do not allow for their expulsion, and even due to a particular UK-French deal, illegal immigrants from France cannot even be isolated, according to international news agency V4NA.

Boris Johnson He announced in his Sunday speech that there will be minor changes to Britain’s quarantine standards. The Prime Minister stressed that they can only accept relief that does not exacerbate the epidemic.

However, the government has not yet imposed a quarantine for those coming from abroad, And one Emmanuel Macron Under an agreement with the French President, They may not quarantine passengers arriving in the UK from France.

However, most immigrants from France come to the country during the lockdown The agreement does not take into account the hundreds of illegal immigrants who cross the English Channel every day.

According to recent data issued by the Ministry of Interior, border guards dropped 145 illegal immigrants on Friday, a daily record, and 82 other migrants the next day, bringing the number of new border crossings to 227.

Nigel FarragThe head of the Brexit Party, who spoke about the events of the British media silence from the start, said: As you would expect, a record number of immigrants arrived in Dover. There are many along the entire stretch of coast.

Farage spoke of the invasion and the need to curb it, because nothing good comes from the situation unfolding in the canal.

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The paradox of the situation is that illegal immigrants will have the opportunity to apply for asylum, Whereas, under current British law, which is currently in line with European Union practices, the reason for expulsion is that someone is entering the country illegally from a safe country.

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