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I’m Myth 2: That’s why Will Smith changed his mind

I'm Myth 2: That's why Will Smith changed his mind

The lead actor has so far pulled out of Part Two, while a colleague has come up with a new idea that captured Smith’s imagination.

Not many movies will need a sequel, but the next part is coming. In the case of I Am Legend too, the original Will Smith seemed to end on a nice final note and didn’t require a second episode, and Will Smith was one of those most opposed to the sequel.

I’m Legend was released in 2007 and grossed $585 million from a budget of $77 million, becoming one of Will Smith’s successful films. The film is based on Richard Matheson’s novel of the same title and tells the story of Robert Neville, one of the last people alive after an epidemic turns people into vampires. Neville tries to find a cure and eventually loses his life fighting monsters.

The report stated that Smith Khan Entertainment Tonight, although he opposed the sequel, had changed his mind about Michael B.’s idea. Movieweb.

“The idea came up, (which) I can’t talk about yet. But it was a very classy concept, and (Michael B. Jordan) was part of creating the idea. This (the movie) was one of those I left alone, and now I’m driving the idea. But it can work. I think we can do that.”

said the actor.

At the end of the first part, Will Smith’s character kills his life with a grenade to stop vampires and save medicine from disease. Matheson’s original book, with an alternate two-disc ending, was published in 2008; They both end up with Neville’s character surviving, meeting other characters with whom they set out to find more survivors. Whether this will be part of the new movie will likely depend on whether Smith will be featured in it.

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The release date of the new project has not yet been determined, and it will likely be years before I Am Legend 2. appears in cinemas.

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