"I'm a very open, surprising and loud person"

“I’m a very open, surprising and loud person”

We know Szabi Papp primarily as a musician, but he has already shown that a He’s also reinventing himself at the jury’s tableAnd he has proven for some time that he can also own a nightclub.

In a recent interview, Saba spoke candidly about his relationship with music and also about what kind of person he considers himself to be. He is not isolated, in fact, he unlocks it very easily, and he can even give his PIN code to anyone.

Photo: Attila Polyak – Orego

In a previous interview, I jokingly stated that I was unreasonably direct with people, which I tried to symbolize by the fact that I could even enter my PIN after five minutes of conversation. I am an overly extroverted person, surprising and boisterous, in the most positive sense of the word; I like to talk, I like to say nice things, I care about people

– He said to blink The musician also known as the owner of the Robot Club. His old wish was fulfilled by his ability to open up the venue, and based on what has happened so far, he seems to have a good sense of what the musicians need and what the audience wants.

“It is very important for founders of bands and musicians to have a place where they can get to know each other, where they share a common theme. A meeting point where like-minded people exchange ideas. I think every city should have a place like this where a subculture is introduced. In Budapest, the robot plays this role. – Tell father boy.

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