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Ilona Medvitsky then and now

Ilona Medvitsky then and now

It doesn't matter whether Ilona Medvitsky is 3 or 83 years old in her photos, elegance, beauty and charm all emanate from her. If you don't believe me, you can find out now!

Ilona Medvitskyour country's forever young singer, has never forgotten where she came from: she grew up in a very poor family in Kubania, and already in kindergarten she said she wanted to become a top singer when she grew up.

Photo: Fotocentrá - Csaba Schumy

Photo: Fotocentrá – Csaba Shumi

As she previously said, her father wasn't keen on the idea, but she fell in love with dancing and ballet, so she couldn't imagine any other career. Fortunately, her father's strictness failed to dissuade little Ilona from her plans!

His talent quickly made its way, and after serious tests by the talent search at the Opera House, he entered the Ballet Institute, where he had to meet extremely high standards. His hard work and perseverance paid off: “My work has been recognized everywhere and always, and I have received a lot of love. It keeps me alive, and I never get tired.”

For the queen of the play, which won the admiration of many He didn't have much time for his private lifeEven though she had a devotee begging her to marry him. She never hid the fact that she married an Austrian prince for the sake of her career, and thanks to him she became not only a duchess, but also an Austrian citizen.

Ilona, ​​who is fit and energetic even over her 80s, believes that men are afraid of her, which is why she is often mistaken for a runaway. It is true that he sets high standards not only for himself, but also for his fellow candidates, which is not at all easy to exceed. He even tried to find a match online, but the expected success was not enough.

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Ilona Medvitsky with her mother and a huge bow in her hair. (Photo: Fotocentrá – x Archive Story-Best)


The little girl managed to smile for the camera. (Photo: Fotocentrá – x Archive Story-Best)


At the age of three, she decided to become a lead singer. (Photo: Fotocentrá – x Archive Story-Best)


He had a good friendship with the camera since his childhood. (Photo: Fotocentrá – x Archive Story-Best)


Although he was born with great talents, he had to invest serious energy in learning and practicing. (Photo: Fotocentrá – x Archive Story-Best)


Here, he had no idea what a bright career awaited him. (Photo: Fotocentrá – x Archive Story-Best)


Even as a teenager, she knew what looked good on her, and still kept that in mind when dressing. (Photo: Fotocentrá – x Archive Story-Best)


Although he seems to have an easy time on stage as an outsider, the performances actually require a lot of effort. (Photo: Fotocentrá – x Archive Story-Best)


It is not often that you see a photo of the artist with long black hair. This is one of those! (Photo: Fotocentrá – x Archive Story-Best)

Editorial image: Fotocentrá – Csaba Schumy

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