Ilona Matkovich is not suitable for the state, which is why I will be preparing to publish the Representative Council by March

Ilona Matkovich is not suitable for the state, which is why I will be preparing to publish the Representative Council by March

One of the things covered in today’s press conference was the mayor’s speech on cable TV about the 2022 budget – his press conference began on February 24 Kerekoly Csereklye The representative – who told us in the meeting how well we’ve been on the revenue side of the budget and what we’ve achieved in 2022 and in previous years. It’s been 28 months since these five years have passed. There is a lot we can’t show during this. Perhaps the most amazing thing is just the renovation of the facade of the green house on March 15th.

I ask what about building Kosdi út and the barracks?

  • We got the answer that we’re going to review, and we’re going to review it. What should be reviewed on the handed over construction site that we have already paid and taken note of the construction?
  • At the Economic Committee meeting, I said that our technical expert had looked into the matter and that both constructions were significantly overrated.
  • The mayor said I didn’t understand Replace the thermal probe!

We somehow exposed the violations at Sport Kft. , illegal dumping.

  • What happened on behalf of the municipality? Random check.
  • What did the mayor tell me? If you see a sign of a crime, report it. I did this.

The mayor says the closet is full of skeletons.

  • How many skeletons were covered? How much is left in the closet?
  • I will ask but I didn’t get an answer.

In fact, members don’t get an answer for anything!

  • For example NeitherConsequences of the renewal of Rádi t,
  • Nor how many municipal apartments they want to build out of 318.9 million HUF.
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St Stephen’s Square.

  • We are currently at 80 million. How is this planning and renewal?
  • The answer is that we do not knowBut there is good news, there has been volunteer support, a show, but when is Impossible to know.

The same was said about the 50 million HUF planned to build a community venue in Diakvar.

The next partial reconstruction of the Danube Bank from HUF 80 million.

  • which part?
  • we do not know.

We will transfer one billion and 100 million forints to the possession.

  • I’ll have a question about that too I don’t get an answer to anything.

But I can mention the last meeting of the Economic Committee.

  • It was announced at 2pm, everyone got in at 2pm. This was not the first time.
  • They walked in and Most strangers don’t even know where they are, what they’re voting for, What can he do. Is it worth doing this?
  • When I ask for the word then I am the representative of thermal vortices.
Karoly Chiricelli: “This time I’m calling on Zsolt Kiss, Zsolt Fehér, to make a statement that, if press reports are true, they have no place on the board because they defame Vác. Get out of public life!” – Photo: VácOnline

dissolution of parliament

I came to this press conference today to say it in person Matkovich Ilona It does not suit the civilian profession, so I am preparing for the dissolution of the representative body by the month of March, and it is clear to me, which appeared in various press releases, that the coalition fraudulently obtained and that this coalition came fraudulently.

We will dissolve the council and start clean elections with clean cards.

I will call you this time Zsoltot Kiss, Zsoltot Fehér, To state what is true in the news in the press, even in the national press?

If they are correct, they have no place on the board because they distort Vác. Get out of public life!

In short, the biggest problem as a member is that

  • as an actor No modification can be proposed,
  • They are not on the agenda either my suggestions
  • take away the word If you want to talk while others can talk after ringing,
  • I fight a windmill, no matter what I say, there is no suggestion to modify or improve, they do not listen, They don’t even want to take notes

He concluded his briefing Kerekoly Csereklye.

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