Illegal drift street racing in Florida Sheriff’s car confiscation

In many places around the world, including Hungary, the concept of illegal street racing is encountered, but many places are already trying to prevent this phenomenon with increasingly stringent measures. In Florida, the police began a brutal crackdown, so on the evening of Friday, March 3, they also cracked down on a tire-burning and drifting gang.

Three drivers were arrested and a number of cars were seized – some of which were found with firearms.

“We’re starting to see that it’s not about sports or entertainment anymore. These people are putting children and their parents, as well as other vehicles and pedestrians at risk to life, in their activities, including street racing. Broward County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Tony Gregory said at a conference call. “We will not tolerate this,” a journalist said on Thursday. He added that he did not deserve to participate in such events as a spectator either, because they too can have consequences.

True, the action of the authorities has been greatly aided by the fact that an amendment to the law has recently been approved within the country, which encourages the suppression of such behavior on the roads, giving way to penalties such as vehicle confiscation and imprisonment.

Since then, there have been additional arrests and vehicle seizures — the mayor’s office reported on its Facebook page — and authorities seized six more vehicles in the latest raid.

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Last week’s arrests also revealed on Friday that the delinquents involved can expect a minimum fine of $500 and a maximum of $1,000, roughly equivalent to 180-360,000 forints, and will have their driver’s license revoked for one year. In case of repeated offenses, the law allows the fine to be up to $5,000, which is 1.8 million HUF, and they can be banned from driving for up to 4 years.

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