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Ildiko Keresztes underwent surgery after a tumor was discovered in his brain

Ildiko Keresztes underwent surgery after a tumor was discovered in his brain

The singer spoke about her illness for the first time.

Ildico Christes She will return to the stage in the fall, as she is recovering from the illness reported by the Woman's Magazine He said Firstly. He had surgery a few weeks ago, and there was a gash on his skull.

They cut my hair from the base of my ears to the middle of my forehead because they found a tumor in my brain. It was released in November, but I didn't want to talk about it, because it would raise speculation, and I basically needed peace of mind.

said the singer, who has now decided to come forward with her story because she believes she owes her fans to know why she disappeared for several months.

One day, I woke up feeling extremely dizzy and nauseous. At first I thought it was because of the introduction or fatigue because I worked so much last year. But since it had not been a few days, my friend took me to the emergency department at Ozuki Hospital. They admitted me to the hospital, examined me, and in the meantime the dizziness went away – perhaps due to a virus – but they found nothing. However, they did a CT scan of the brain at the last minute and discovered a three-centimeter tumor behind my forehead.

– Keresztes recalled what happened. As he says, it was not possible at that time to say for certain whether the tumor was benign, and it did not become clear until a few days later. However, it had to be removed.

Of course, you cannot interview a tumor to see if it wants to grow more, because if it does, unfortunately it has to be operated on, because it can cause a lot of trouble, and the patient can become blind, or paralyzed. I won't mention it any further. We had to quickly find a specialist to get rid of it.

The singer was able to reach one of the best specialists in the country, who performed surgery on her at the beginning of February. After that, he had to take care of himself for three months, and he wasn't even allowed to bend over.

While I was recovering, I was able to reconstruct what happened. I was given a wonderful gift for my 60th birthday: a year spent relaxing, without any pressure or anything to do, and finally being able to let myself go, something I haven't had in decades.

He said he had been experiencing symptoms of fatigue for some time before getting sick, and it was difficult for him to get up, let alone go to shows. “I almost cried into the blanket in the theater,” he revealed.

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Regarding how he feels now, Ildiko Keresztes said that he has become stronger and wiser.

I finally realized that life is beautiful and you should be happy with every little thing. And also for the flower…

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