III people are recruited. For the coronation of King Charles

Seventy years later, the British are again preparing for a large-scale coronation ceremony. In Westminster Abbey, the props for the traditional ceremony have been restored, while volunteer bell-ringers are recruited. On the sixth of May, the bells ring all over the country at the same time, when the third. M1 News said that the crown will be placed on Karoli’s head.

I’m already in full swing. On the occasion of the coronation of King Karoli, the preparatory committee is looking for volunteers.

There are tens of thousands of churches, cathedrals and chapels in the United Kingdom. There are over 30,000 bell ringers on the register of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, and many of them have begun to fall out of the profession, which is why recruitment is necessary.

Soon the golden throne will be adorned with its new glory

Meanwhile, at Westminster Abbey, restorers are preparing one of the most important props for the ceremony. Since 1399, almost every monarch of the British monarchy has been crowned on a gilded oak throne.

The last time it was used for its intended purpose was seventy years ago, when the coronation of 27-year-old Erzebet took place on June 2, 1953. About nine thousand guests were invited to the ceremony, which lasted almost three hours, and was accompanied by great pomp.

In May, he is now 75 years old. Karolyi will sit on the throne, he will be the oldest monarch in the history of the monarchy, and the crown will be placed on his head – according to the court, in a ceremony that is shorter and more modest than before.

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