II. The new king received Elizabeth’s coffin at Buckingham Palace

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2022-09-13 19:19:00

Traveled from Edinburgh to Belfast III. Karolyi, then greeted in front of Buckingham Palace II. Elizabeth’s coffin returning from Scotland.

Charles arrived Tuesday afternoon in Northern Ireland for the 40th time, but this was his first trip in his royal capacity. As before in London and Scotland, a large crowd waited for him in Belfast. Tensions have risen in the divided province since the dissolution of the Independent National Assembly and government, but the commitment of Protestants loyal to the Crown to the monarchy exceeds that of any other British state. The crowd gathered in front of the Belfast residence, ‘the most loyal of royals’, were greeted at length by the new king and his wife despite all security concerns, and then watched the multitudes of flowers arranged with special artistic care.

Karolyi met Northern Ireland’s political leaders at Hillsborough Castle, which was decorated with the royal flag that had been flown until then. And for an interesting moment, the leader of the Nationalist Party Sinn Féin participated in the discussions and then in the service organized in St. Anne’s Cathedral. Michelle O’Neill, the party’s deputy chair, has expressed her condolences to Charles, although he has previously refused to appear at the royal proclamation on Saturday at St James’s Palace.

And in a short message read at Hillsborough Castle, the king noted that his mother had “witnessed tremendous and historic changes in Northern Ireland during her long reign. She never forgot to keep the county in her prayers and wished well for those who had suffered so many.” Karolyi vowed that “by following Elizabeth’s wonderful example, he could promote the prosperity of Northern Ireland”.

At the same time as the visit to Belfast began, a line of people was waiting in front of St Giles’ Cathedral who wanted to pay their respects to Belfast. In memory of Elizabeth. However, in one day, more than twenty-five thousand people walked in front of the sarcophagus adorned with the Scottish royal flag and the oldest Scottish royal relics in the British Isles.

Among the visual memories of royal mourning, it will remain unforgettable how the four Elizabeth children measured their loss in a ten-minute vigil on Monday night, haunted, their heads bowed and, in Andras’s case, their eyes closed. The remains of the king, who died in his 97th year, were still in the Scottish capital, when more than a dozen very determined mourners began waiting in London to make sure they entered Westminster Hall, where from 5 pm local time on Wednesday until Monday morning for half a century. A week you can march in front of the burning coffin. In the worst case, you will have to wait more than 30, but usually 12 hours, on the 10 km stretch between Southwark Park and Parliament.

This writer stood in a shorter line in front of Buckingham Palace on Monday evening, then passed the green park “designated” for laying flowers and candles, where the main topic of conversation was why “people don’t”. They want to miss the opportunity.”, to personally pay their respects to the life of an unprecedented ruler.

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