If you’ve seen one New Year’s video, it has to be Anthony Hopkins

“celebrate yourself” He encourages his fans Anthony Hopkins Referring to the importance of recognizing our efforts and victories. Wherever you are, don’t be shy and dare to ask for help.he says in his video the actor. Two-time Academy Award winner Hopkins’ name is known in connection with countless legendary films, but he clearly wrote himself into cinema history with his portrayal of the character Hannibal Lecter.

He wasn’t going to survive

the Shared on Instagram In his video, he talks about the power of self-love and perseverance, among other things. “I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and at the same time tell you that today I am celebrating my 47th anniversary of sobriety.” He said he shared. “I am a recovering alcoholic and I know there are many of you in the world who struggle with this.” Hopkins went on to recall a terrifying time he personally went through nearly five decades ago before he woke up. The situation was so serious that if he did not say no to alcohol, in his opinion “He didn’t have much.”.

He did not know addiction

In his video, the 84-year-old global star also highlighted how important it is to be able to treat ourselves kindly and to be able to break out of the magic circle of toxic people. “Live your life and be proud of it. One day, I had to admit that something was very, very wrong with me. I didn’t realize that this was a complex mental, physical, and emotional condition called alcoholism and addiction. I’m not an expert on the subject—not an expert on anything. No. I know one thing but that I can finally live a life where no one will hurt me. I would like to say to all young people who are being bullied not to listen to anyone and be proud of themselves. Depression is part of life, and sometimes anxiety is too. Life is hard.”

Wishing everyone good health in 2023

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According to Hopkins, there is no shame in asking for help, so he asked viewers of the video if it was similar They have problems, dare to speak to someone who respects him. Whether it is a counselor or even a multi-step programme, asking for help. “All over the world, in every city, there is a 12-step program that can help you find out who you are. It doesn’t cost anything, but it can give you a whole new life.” The videographer wrote the following under his post: I wish everyone a healthy 2023.

Celebrities who almost died from their addiction

His colleagues are also proud of him

Under this post, colleagues expressed their appreciation in the form of comments. Hugh Jackman wrote: “you are right!”while Alec Baldwin noted: “I send you my love.” Model Naomi Campbell (who was also an alcoholic) also commented: “Thank you. You are a shining light and inspiration in my recovery…”

Hopkins, who celebrates his 85th birthday today, has previously spoken about his struggles with alcohol addiction, and in 2018 He saidWhat he can with the help of his faith He is recovering from his alcohol addiction.

The Mental First Aid Service 116-123 can be called toll-free 24 hours a day from all over the country (from cell phones and landlines) if you feel that something is wrong.

In the world of stars, there is always something new under the sun:

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