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If you upgrade your PC, you can even get Starfield as a gift

If you upgrade your PC, you can even get Starfield as a gift

You don’t need anything else, just replace the graphics card or CPU or pay a little attention when assembling your new machine.

It’s common practice for the two major graphics chip manufacturers, AMD and Nvidia, to get behind every major title, so much so that on the one hand, they optimize the game for their own hardware, and on the other hand, they try to kill it. Extracting competing technologies from it – plus another free version, if they can, they also offer to whoever chooses from their devices.

AMD nailed all three turns, with Starfield flying excellently on PCs equipped with AMD and/or VGA CPUs (otherwise some annoying glitches on these machines). Nvidia’s famous DLSS upscaling algorithm cannot be activated in Starfield yet, which, strange as it may seem, is an argument in favor of AMD.

AMD is currently running a promotion where anyone who purchases a select AMD Radeon video card or AMD Ryzen processor can download the Starfield Edition for free. The promo is really attractive because the Starfield activation code is included not only with VGA units and CPUs worth half a million forints, but also with entry-level previous generation irons. Exact list You can browse hereFrom this it is clear that Radeon RX 6600The graphics card, in fact, is one AMD Ryzen 5 5600 GB Purchasing the wizard allows you to download the premium version of Starfield to your Steam account for free. The sale also applies to a fair number of AMD-based laptops, and you should check out the list.

However, the joy cannot be complete and cloudless, because the most popular processors in our country have been excluded from the distribution: unfortunately, Starfield is not accompanied by either the Ryzen 5 5600X nor the Ryzen 7 5800X3D. From the bottom of the line, the more modest CPU that comes with the game is the Ryzen 5 7500F with AM5, but here you can only get the base version, not the premium version.

The sale is also available in Hungary, and AMD’s partner is here on iPon, which means that after purchasing the AMD hardware included in the sale from the dealer, you are guaranteed to receive a Starfield as a gift.

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