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If you see this insect, kill it immediately!

If you see this insect, kill it immediately!

Lycorma delicatula is similar to cicadas, but in contrast it is by no means a harmless insect. Moreover, it causes such a big problem in the United States that the authorities require everyone who spotted such a pest to immediately destroy it – draws attention to the scientific portal

Although Lycorma delicatula looks like a colorful cicada, it is an invasive species on the American continent, causing millions of dollars in damage to natural plants, destroying the ecosystem and reducing biodiversity.

Experts believe the pest originated in China and traveled to the United States by sea shipments. Although it has wings, it is not able to fly, it jumps from one leaf to another. The first samples were spotted in Pennsylvania 10 years ago and spread across most of the United States over time.

Source: Walthery, CC BY-SA 4.0

Their rapid spread was also due to the fact that they were hidden, and it was difficult to detect them. Hiding in vehicles, they can travel long distances, and drivers usually realize in hindsight that they have unwanted passengers.

Fortunately, Lycorma delicatula does no harm to humans and animals, but it does more damage to plants. There are a total of 70 species of plants in your list.

It causes problems not only by chewing the leaves, but also by excreting the so-called aphids.

It is a secretion rich in sugar and is a breeding ground for mold that destroys mold. Mold obscures leaves, inhibits photosynthesis, and deceives other pests in the landscape.

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Source: NurPhoto

According to a 2020 study in Pennsylvania, failure to stop invasive arthropods would result in $324 million in damage to US agriculture in one year.

There are worst-case scenarios where the damage could exceed $554 million annually and at least 5,000 people could lose their jobs.

Experts ask that if anyone finds a specimen of Lycorma delicatula, destroy it immediately (spray it with insecticide, or simply poop it on the brain), and if they can’t, take a picture of it and call the authorities right away!


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