If we succeed, why don’t they meet? – we will

According to Sundur Nozali, the tennis team’s sensational success in 1995 over Australia could motivate the current men’s team to play in the Davis Cup qualifiers in Sydney on Friday and Saturday, MTI writes.

According to Sandor Nozalí, their success in 1995 could motivate the current Hungarian national team (Photo: Hédi Tumbász)

In September 1995, the Hungarian national team defeated the Australians in Kisstadion 3:2 with a huge achievement, the team was made up of Sándor Noszály, József Krocskó, László Markovits, Gábor Köves and successful captain Janos Pinnick. On the show, Nozali suffered a smooth defeat from Mark Philippoussis, then Kruskow tied with a win over Todd Woodbridge. The pair were brought in in five sets by 11-times Grand Slam-winning duo Mark Woodford against Kovics and Markowitz, and then came the “miracle” on closing day: Nozali beat Woodbridge and then Krusko Philippoussis in five and a half hours.

Nozali, then 23, had won the semi-finals shortly before in Kitzbühel – beating Carlos Moya, among others – and in Bucharest, he defeated Albert Costa and Serge Bruguera. Thanks to these, he was ranked 95th in the world rankings, which was the best rating in his career.

“I remember it wasn’t two hours before the game against Philippoussis. I haven’t come out very fast yet, especially for the three sets I won. Although I waited for the meeting with great confidence, I got tired and played tennis with guilt. And on the slow malice, which was probably best for my Josie. Krusko, I should have beaten the Wimbledon final.” – Reviving events on the association’s website anger.

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“For my second single, to this day, I’m proud to be a little more flexible and I’ve finally hit a few times. I got really stuck, I couldn’t walk out of the field so confused.” Explain the player nicknamed Sasa in sports clubs.

“I earned a total of $22,000 in the Davis Cup encounter, but that didn’t matter to me at the time.” Nozali revealed. After this great achievement, the team went out together to the Champions League match Ferencvaros against Ajax, and when it turned out that they were also there in the crowded crowd, the fans celebrated them for long minutes.

“I will never forget those days. I believe that existing players can gain confidence and motivation from our success. If we are successful, why not get together?” Nozali, who is in Sydney as coach of the national team, proposed.

The Hungarian participants in the lost doubles battle, Gabor Kovis and Laszlo Markovic – who also made it to the Seoul Olympics – have been playing together since they were children, but the world’s best duo at the time stood on the other side of the net at Kisstadion. After 82 minutes, the host duo had a two-handed advantage, but in the end they could still celebrate the “Woodys”.

“Gabor played an exciting and unforgettable match against one of the best pairs in the world ever” announce Markovits, Who is currently the vice president of the association.

“We also had a big surprise by winning the first two sets, and maybe that’s why a lot of people remember to this day that we won the match as well. Interestingly, my wife, whom I didn’t know at the time, was also there and cheering us on, which was also captured in Photo on the cover of the 1996 Tennis Yearbook. We put it together after we met.” he added.

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Gabor Kovis Betrayed, they made full use of their court and took the match into a malice that was slow and deep. They achieved their goal, as the Australians reprimanded the cover of the small stadium from the first moment.

“It was a miracle for ourselves that we won the first two sets, but it wasn’t really at all for a moment that we beat the Australian duo. Unfortunately my performance also sagged in the third game, and I was tired. But all we did anyway was Woodbridge was completely tired as well. , so he didn’t quite play the next day against Sassa, who defeated him in an infinitely exciting battle. And then we were to learn how Josie Philippoussis chased to the grave”— Coves, who left the Davis Cup captain in January, said. The specialist said that when he faced the Australian national team in the DK final last November, it was a reminder of the 1995 battle. He faced Woodford in Turin and they discussed at length their best match points.

According to Gabor Kovis, if Marton Vosovic can reach the limit in the current confrontation, it is not at all reasonable that after 1995 he will defeat our Australian team in 2022 as well.

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