If there is a way, the local economy is also running

If there is a way, the local economy is also running

A new roundabout and revamped roads were delivered in our county on Thursday.

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The long-awaited roundabout for the people of the Higalga at the intersection of major roads 37 and 38 – known as the Tarkal branch of the yellow wine house – which was built under the four-lane road project has been completed. . For several months, the construction did not cause major disturbances to the occupants, but it was worth it because a modern and safe intersection was established.

Easier and safer

The roundabout, which has been around for weeks, has simplified and speeded up traffic in the area.

Almost every week, another road is being built somewhere – László Palkovics

Road renovation work is also progressing well, turning the road to Szerencs into four intermittent lanes, and there are places where a layer of asphalt has already been applied.

Tokaj Hegyala got rich

Speaking of roundabout Tarkal d. Zsófia Koncz, Member of Parliament for the region, stated that a year ago it was announced that a four-lane section would be constructed on a nineteen-kilometre section between Gesztely and Szerencs, and a new roundabout would be built here at the Tarcal junction. The latter is now complete. He thanked the contractors for their work, and it was agreed with them at the beginning of the work that it would be ready for harvest, and it was done.

Through the roundabout, partial and then full traffic could have started a little later in September.

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“Everyone who lives here is well aware of how important this investment is to the whole area and through the traffic. Tokaj-Higalca has been fully enriched by this development, which will be supplemented by the four-lane road and bike route from Nyregyhaza to Ceresense, where the Kubasz Hill can be bypassed. Completely,” said the member of parliament.

Minister of Innovation and Technology Laszlo Balkovic spoke about the delivery and other construction work.

“As early as 2010, the government identified three road development indicators: first, the nearest highway must be available within thirty minutes, wherever someone lives in the country, second, our highways must reach the border, and the third indicator has The aim was to make all cities with county status accessible by highway,” we learned from the minister.

It can be seen that the achievement of the goals is going well, the section of the highway M30 and Miskolc – Košice was delivered last week, and almost every week the construction and renovation of another road is completed somewhere. The government has allocated about $3.6 trillion to this program. The money comes from three sources, to a lesser extent from EU grants, and largely from its own budget and a small amount of private capital. The franchise system for the latter is under development and tender. “It has become clear that wherever the road leads, there is an economy, there are jobs, there is income, and where there is income, people don’t move from there. Therefore, road construction is a priority for the government.

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Zoltán Nyul, Executive Vice President of Investments at NIF Zrt. Do it on his behalf. It has now happened here. With the creation of the single lane, four-lane roundabout, traffic has become much safer. The net cost of the project amounted to 742 million HUF.

Twenty two kilometers

László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, and Dr. Member of Parliament Zsófia Koncz continued the series of deliveries in the village of Prügy, renovating a total of 22 kilometers of public roads at the Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt investment. From the Hungarian Village Program. A total of 22.4 km segment was refurbished from 3621 Tokaj-Taktaharkany and 3622 Sirinex-Proje, with a value of more than HUF 2.4 billion.

Richard Cheseli, Mayor of Bruges, Minister Laszlo Balkovic, Dr. Zsófia Koncz, Member of Parliament and Attila József Szilvai, CEO of Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. , who praised the great investment, which greatly facilitates the daily transportation of people living in the area.

(On the cover: Attila Josef Szelvay, CEO of Magyar Közút Zrt., Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics, Member of Parliament Dr. Zsófia Koncz and Richárd Csehely, Mayor of Prügy)

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