If all goes well, summer in Britain will begin on the 21st of June

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the spring and summer months as a period of hope when he announced a timetable for easing pandemic restrictions. He said it’s the only way to freedom, and while I never want to go back in the meantime, it can’t be guaranteed in advance, BBC writes.

It was already known Monday morning that it was March 8 They open schoolsChildren are allowed to exercise outdoors, and from that day onwards they can meet two people in public places such as parks.

As of March 29, members of six people or two families can meet outdoors, not necessarily in a public place, even in a back garden. They open sports fields, and amateur teams can reunite.

Boris Johnson

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On April 12, non-essential services such as hairdressers can open and libraries can reopen. You can go to the zoo, amusement park, swimming pool, gym again.

From May 17, they will be able to meet six people (or members of two households) indoors as well, and restrictions on outdoor meetings will be lifted as soon as possible. Hotels will also open on this day.

If all goes well, the entire economy can open on June 21 and all other restrictions can be lifted.

The UK government has set up a four-point criteria system, and all four conditions must be met before any further steps can be taken to ease restrictions. This means that unlocking can continue if

  • The vaccination program continues successfully,
  • If there is evidence that coronavirus vaccines reduce the number of hospitalizations and coronavirus deaths among vaccinated individuals,
  • If current infection rates do not threaten to increase the number of patients requiring hospital treatment to an extent that would put an unsustainable strain on the NHS,
  • Or if there is no new virus variant that radically changes the risk assessment.
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