Idina Kolksar reveals what gives her strength in the toughest times

Idina Kolksar reveals what gives her strength in the toughest times

Instagram has so far been the place where not only happy and beautiful faces compete with each other for likes and followers, but more and more are daring to take on their less flawless faces too. Edina Kolksar A few days ago, for example, he told me in a long post that 2021 was a real low point for him, but he finally got there to speak honestly about his problems in front of his family.

What he can always expect if he needs some resources, he wrote in his new post: “Although 2021 was not my best year in many ways, in many cases the movement gave me strength, and helped me get a bit out of everyday life. In addition to exercise, a more health-conscious diet has helped a lot. I read a study that found that it is more important for women to have a balanced and healthy diet for good mental health, as they are more prone to mental illness, anxiety and depression. Of course, a healthy lifestyle and exercise will not solve everything, but it will help you both physically and mentally.

For my well-being, I will pay attention to these things in 2022 as well, I just want to be more mindful, and I also need to give regular exercise. Maybe there will be a dead body guy on the beach this year because I wasn’t happy with it last year.

I became very skinny without any muscle. but now. “ – In whose office you You can read it in full here.

Will you take a break? Run this too:

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