Ice Hockey World Cup: Gallo is in tune with the ever-stronger Swedish league

Hungarian national hockey player Vilmos Gallo is preparing for the elite world championship in May in the ever-strong Swedish League (SHL).

Vilmos Jallow: We can surprise you (Photo: Kasaba Dumotor)

The 26-year-old Legionnaire has already recovered from his knee injury by the start of the fall season, so he is a full member of Linköping, scoring four goals in his last six matches.

“This year, the league is very strong, not many Finnish and Canadian players go to Russia or the KHL. So a lot of good players come to us, which makes it difficult to get a bigger role in the Swedish teams” – Tell Gallo To get acquainted with the current M1 channel, he also mentioned that he was looking forward to being invited to the Hungarian national team, as he missed the last World Cup due to a knee injury.

Hungary reached the global elite last year from the Division I/A World Championships in Ljubljana, and they could only do so twice before: in 2008 in Szaboro and in 2015 in Krakow.

“We are able to cause an upset. Obviously not against the big countries, but we also have a chance to score points against Denmark, Germany and France, as our goal is to stay.” Vilmos Gallo announced, referring to the Elite World Championships in Tampere and Riga in May.

The Hungarian national team will start the World Cup on May 13 against the best team in Denmark, then they will face the United States, France, Sweden, hosts Finland, Germany and finally – based on the balance of power in the most important confrontation to stay in – Austria. The top four of the two groups will advance to the quarter-finals on May 25, the semi-final matches will be played on the 27th, and the final and bronze medal matches will be played on the 28th.

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