Ice Hockey: Pat Cortina has announced the Women’s National Team lineup

The captain of the Hungarian women’s ice hockey team, Pat Cortina, has announced his squad for next week’s Five Nations Championship in Budapest.

Pat Cortina has announced the squad for the Hungarian women’s ice hockey team (Photo: Šaba Dumotor)

According to information from the Hungarian Federation on Thursday, the team is preparing for the event in Tüskecsarnok with a squad of 26 people. This season, Fanny Garat-Gaspariks and Rica Dabasi, who play in the North American Professional Football League (PHF), as well as Case Simon Francisca and Alexandra Hosak of the recent EWHL Super Cup HKB winner, are in the national team for the first time. Lottie Odunuja, Mira Seregili and Taylor Baker will miss the tournament due to club and school commitments. There is a newcomer in the current team, Dorotea Jinglicky.

The women’s national team, which is preparing for the Elite World Championship in April, will meet Slovakia and Norway as well as France and Japan, also in Group A.

Frame chosen for Hungary

Goalkeepers: German Anikó (MAC Budapest), ferryman Zsuzsa (DEAC), tailor Froscina (Ohio – Canada)
Defenders: Bahicki Tooth Buttercup (Mac Budapest), grizzly Lilac (HKB), Jinglichki Dorotea (Ohio – Canada), Simon kiss Francesca (HKB), knee Sarah, Kong’s Buttercup (Mac Budapest), Mayer Froscina (HKB), German Bernadette (Mac Budapest), tooth Eniko (BJA)
Attackers: stapler Rica (Metropolitan Refreshers – US), Gasparix raids Fanny (Metropolitan Revivers – US), to caution Tamara (Mac Budapest), Horvat Imola (Mac Budapest), husses Alexandra (HKB), Jókai-Szilágyi Kinga (Mac Budapest), circle Emma (Stansted College – Canada), Metzler Regina (Ohio – Canada), Mosolai Berta (BJA), pazmandi Zsofia (OHA – Canada), Ron Alexandra (Mac Budapest), Strobel Lara (HKB), He is eccentric Nina (HKB), williams Haile (Dynamo – Niva – Russia)

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Program of the Hungarian national team in the Five Nations Championship:
Tuesday, February 7, 8 p.m.: Hungary and Slovakia
Thursday, February 9, 8 p.m.: Hungary and Norway
Saturday, February 11, 4:30 PM: Hungary – France
Sunday, February 12, 2:30 p.m.: Hungary and Japan

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