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Ice hockey: Dávid Pokorny starts his eighth season in Újpest

Ice hockey: Dávid Pokorny starts his eighth season in Újpest

Despite his young age, the defender is already preparing for his eighth season with the seniors in purple and white, and fans would like to forget the previous season’s sloppy performance.

Pokorny is already preparing for his eighth season with the Lilacs (Photo: MTI)

Dávid Pokornyi, one of the heroes of Erste Liga’s most feared club season scene, has secured a new contract at Újpest. As is known, FTC-Telekom and UTE played a derby match last December, and in the heat of the moment, the Purple and Whites defender Antonino pushed Sarcia into the backboard from behind, breaking his cervical vertebra. The spectacle was more unfortunate than insidious, but “for safety’s sake” Ferencváros’ Consta Mesikamen completely beat Pokorny, who was given a three-match ban.

In Újpest, it is clear that this situation did not play a major role in the offer of a new contract, but rather the fact that only 23-year-old Beck is already preparing for his eighth (!) Senior season at the club, and in most cases the press is resonating with his mishaps.

A “big cleanup” was done to Megyeri út, after finishing 8th in the regular season of the league, Újpest lost in the qualifying playoff battle against the 9th seeded Dunaújváros Steel Bulls, so coach Csaba Virág and his two assistants, Zsolt Barotti (field coach) and Czapa Varady (coach Goalkeepers) couldn’t stay. They will be replaced by Finnish Marcus Juurikala, Viktor Kovac, who was promoted from the under-21s, and the academy’s goalkeeper coach, Mark Hajek.

“I am very happy that I also received the confidence of the new employees – Tell Pokorny. UTE is my club, I feel at home, I know exactly what our motto means to the city and the fans, as well as our results last year are not worthy of club lore. I will do everything with the reconstituted team to forget the previous season with our community.”

In Újpest, it was previously announced that András Benk, captain of the team who participated in the legendary Sapporo promotion in 2008 (also the only active player in the national team at that time), will also start his eighth season with the club, self-educated Sebasti Kovac will remain a Finnish defender Also: 30-year-old Julius Nyqvist.

The club has already announced the departures: Benjamin Nemes, Attila Nemeth, Bence Balogh, Tamas Monostori and Canadian-Hungarian dual citizen Kees Fil will not support the purples and whites and will be the teaching reference for the FEHA19 farm team from Székesfehérvár, who also play in the Erste Liga.

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